Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring Is Here

My residential complex is full of flowers again, and I simply couldn't resist photographing Mussaenda Erythrophylla again.


  1. I can almost smell those flowers from those pictures. Very colourful!

  2. Love the flowers...

    Delhi had burned out most of its flowers already :(

  3. I love flowers too and I love taking pictures of flowers!

    Nice pictures!

  4. Really nice. I like the photo you posted today. Nice work.

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio where you can see a tiny fly on a honey bee's wing.

  5. The mussaenda is just starting here. They well flower until mid December. I just posted three closeups of red, curly white and picotee clones. The dark pink is late. I posted it in my tog site: It's Mussaenda in the plant album.
    Sorry Kris, no smell.

  6. Indeed it is ... guess you like having all those unique scents around you by these days, no?

  7. always enjoy your flower photos and what you have to say about what you are showing us. db

  8. Gorgeous captures!! Spring is here!:D
    Have a great week!


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