Sunday, April 06, 2008


This is Seven Bunglow's Ghodawala. Like Kunal said 'wallah' is added to a word. Ghoda means horse, and Ghodawala is the man who has the horse. He gets the pony to the market area, to give rides to little children. For a five minute ride from a point to another, he charges Rs.10 for little ones and Rs.15 for older ones.
Three or four little ones sometimes queue up here, waiting for their turn to enjoy the ride on the pony. Whenever I visit mom's place, my preschooler Krrish makes sure he gets the ride.


  1. Pretty little white pony. I can see why little ones, love to have a ride.

  2. Oh, how sweet! Really nice pony. I know my little grandkids would love to ride it.


    Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

  3. I remember riding a pony like this as a child. Really fun!


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