Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boot Polish

These are boot-polish walas making a living outside Vashi Railway Station( & International Infotech Park).
For a small amount, they will first use cream, then polish and polish your shoes really well. It's common here for men to get their shoes polished(on their way to work) outside railway stations, and at some places, even on railway platforms.
If you want to be sure of the quality of polish being used on your shoes, ask for 'SPECIAL' polish, which will cost you a little extra.
A little further on the left is the Vashi station ticket counter, another entrance ahead and to the right, opposite the station is Raghuleela Mall.
I will show you these photos in my next posts.


  1. its nice to see that they now have those beach umbrellas as protection from the harsh sun..

    thank you for visiting my blog regularly and posting your comments. i look forward to those and of course love visiting your blog too as you rightly pointed out it sure is a learning experience to view mumbai with other mumbaikars eyes!

  2. here, we call them "shoe-shine boys"...they are a big help especially for people with busy schedules and cannot find the time to clean their own shoes...you get shoes like new in an instant! =)

  3. We have a lot of these in Pakistan also, shoeshine boys shining your shoes on the roads.

  4. We once had lots of shoe polishers here too, but nowadays they are fewer and fewer.
    And it's a pity because I could never got to put my shoes shinning as they did ... big mystery to me!


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