Monday, June 25, 2007

Mussaenda Erythrophylla

Look what yesterday's rain and wind has done to this plant. Look below what it was like till yesterday. I could hardly hold on to my camera and umbrella when I took this photograph.
Also, most of the flowering plants that I photographed and showed you last week, are uprooted now.

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  1. Oh how sad.
    I hope the weather has turned for the better...

  2. That was quite a storm. That had to be huricane force winds.

  3. Beautiful Shots, very nice blog Anu. Expecting some shots of rainy Mumbai.
    Stay Well.

  4. the rains sure played havoc in the city..

    after ronnie have you a new pet?
    losing ronnie must have been sad as they have an uncanny habit of ruling ones life!

  5. such terrible weather everywhere -- much of the UK has been hit by the worst flooding for 150 years.

  6. I have the same plant and love it but mine is not flowering. Can anyone help me?


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