Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2015 #3 - FREEDOM BIKE [Our World Tuesday#22 & ABC Wednesday-'F' for Freedom Bike]

FREEDOM BIKE by OLX, clicked by Krrish at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2015

This motorcycle, an art masterpiece is made entirely from unique used items bought on OLX from different corners of India. These unique and vintage items were collected during the OLX Great India Collectors' Ride by two motorcyclists who travelled 10,000 kilometres for 50 days across the country.

A closer view of the Freedom Bike

OLX Freedom Bike

OLX chooses to call it the Freedom Bike as 'Freedom lies at the heart of OLX which gives users the freedom to buy and sell at the price, place and the time of their choice.'

Items such as a 60 year old railway lamp, a unique wheel clock, a typewriter and a musical instrument Esraj have been all put together to give life to the Freedom Bike. According to OLX, they represent the diversity of the OLX users, and the variety of things sold on the website.

I am linking this post as entry to Our World Tuesday meme

Our World Tuesday # 22 : Freedom Bike

and ABC Wednesday meme 

ABC Wednesday - 'F' for Freedom Bike


  1. That is a neat looking bike.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  2. Blogging from the Isle of Man, where we have the best Road Race for mororbikes in the world, I can relate to this post.

  3. The motorcycle company that reigns supreme is the USA is Harley. Thanks for sharing this work of art.

  4. oops, another typo! in the USA, not is! color my face red.

  5. I have sons who would love this Freedom Bike.

  6. Beautiful Photos :) I have shared my pics of same bike today for Thursday challenge theme :) :)

  7. Superb.
    So creative.
    Thank you for the picture.

  8. So interesting! Glad the bikers collected the items that created this piece.


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