Thursday, August 28, 2008

Height Restrictor At Sanpada Subway

Sanpada (E)

Sanpada (W)

 The Sanpada Station Subway connects Sanpada node (East) to the rest of Navi Mumbai. Most of the peak hour traffic uses the subway. The subway is designed to allow vehicles upto 2.5 m.

Earlier taller vehicles entered the subway easily but got stuck halfway where the roof descends. It would take even a few hours to get the vehicle out, resulting in traffic jam for hours with no entry or exit. The only option then was to use the subway near Turbhe Naka, which was not convenient and took more time. The flyover was not opened then. There was no sign put up anywhere stating the height of vehicles allowed in the subway.

Now, with the installation of the height restrictor on both the sides of the subway, taller vehicles back off at the entry and head for subway no.2 or the flyover at Palm Beach Road, thus avoiding peak hour traffic jams.


  1. Looking at the traffic I can imagine the chaos a stuck lorry would cause..

  2. Dair aaye durust aaye...
    Better late than never but why so late decision ?

  3. I once saw an auto rickshaw here stuck midair it was a very funny sight. Front in the air stuck to the ceiling. haha. Nice blog article. Do visit my blog on saturday got some nice pictures you will go fida over. tata & have a splendid weekend.


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