Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vashi Station Entrance

This is what you see if you look up at the entrance to the station. I like the structure.
Most Navi Mumbai stations have been built with planning and design, and not randomly like Mumbai stations.
Raghuleela Mall, which also houses Big Bazaar is exactly opposite this entrance.


  1. yes, the world looks a lot different only if we care to look up... or some other side aprt from the straight mad rush we go thru daily...
    nice blog u've here, i wish i cud do the same wid delhi as the focus
    love bless
    - adi

  2. I love the geometric shapes you have captured with this pic. It looks like an abstract painting is some ways

  3. I guess that you'd need that shade in the hot Mumbai sun!

  4. loks nice and spacious as compared to our other crowded and congested railway stations.

  5. Great geometrical shapes on the roof!

  6. There are lots of geometric shapes to be seen, when you look up. :-) {And now I see, that I'm not the only commenter, who sees this! -smile-}

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