Monday, March 31, 2008

City Center

The mannequins are displayed at a retail store at the newly opened City Center in Navi Mumbai, adjacent to Palm Beach Galleria on Palm Beach Marg.


  1. It doesn't look like the sort of gear that I would expect to see your average Mumbai resident to wear!

  2. Oh you are mistaken here.
    Many Mumbai youth, especially college-goers wear western clothes here. You will find college girls and female office executives looking impressive in skirts and trousers.
    Of course it is easier for the higher income class to keep up with changing times, but I also know of middle class sari-clad working moms saving cash for their teenagers, who want a pair of Nike or Reebok shoes costing around Rs. 8000, or a pair of original Levis jeans for their birthday.
    Most international brands are setting up shop here and sales figures are impressive.
    Click on Palm Beach Galleria to look up some popular brands making way here.

  3. That (sort of) surprises and (sort of) disappoints me. I hope that in the rush to embrace this sort of gear, something special about Indian fashion (of which I am a fan) isn't lost. It's nice to retain a touch of distinction I think, wherever you happen to live in the world! I'd like to think most places can find a middle ground between embracing the new and preserving the valuable (which hasn't been done so well in Australia).

    Thank you very much for answering my question, I do appreciate it.

  4. Kris,you have a point there.
    It's nice to know you are a fan of Indian fashion. I think Indian fashion designers work on western fashion, not letting go of Indian ethnic fashion (sarees, lehnga-cholis, salwars, churidars)
    Todays teenagers are quite influenced by the West.
    A couple of years back, I taught Maths to 5th and 9th Grade sisters, who shopped frequently for their Tees, jackets and jeans at Mango.
    But if it is a festival or wedding, you will see young boys in smart sherwanis and girls in Indian dresses.
    I hope Indians can continue to stay on the middle ground.


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