Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Giant Wheel

The giant wheel, tora-tora and other rides are popular whenever there is a fair in Mumbai. This is a photo of the giant wheel at the Handloom Fair at Chunabhatti, where handloom fabrics, sarees, traditional jewellery, wooden artefacts & furniture are a few of the many things on display for sale.

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  1. It is huge! Have you ever been in this gaint wheel? How did it feel when you were up there?

  2. I think you can enjoy of beautiful views from there... but I get dizzy on that thing!

  3. You can see far and wide when you are up there. And everyone on it enjoys screaming loudly when they come down with a feeling of thousands of butterflies in the stomach. I liked the ride as a kid, but now it makes me feel dizzy.


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