Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mumbai Train At Peak Hours

The Mumbai Local Train Week ( extended to 9 days till today) would have been incomplete without this photo.

The Mumbai train is always overcrowded at peak hours in the morning and evening. Even women in the ladies compartment travel like that in the photo. I won't blame people standing near the door coz I do it myself. I stand near the door facing the direction in which the train will move, to get breeze. In a crowded train, it sometimes gets suffocating inside if you are not seated near the window.
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  1. Oh my goodness! How fast does this train move? Do they ever loose someone out the door?

  2. Oh my god! this is so incredible! train is moving with doors open! it's so dangerous... I can't imagine how it would be inside the train... very suffocating! What is the problem? too many people or too few trains?

  3. The train moves at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour. The frequency of trains is very good, but too many people. Ever-increasing population is also a huge problem in Mumbai.
    And they are all so used to it. No one really falls off.
    And whenever I can click, I'll show you a photo of boys riding over the train, which is illegal and very dangerous.

  4. Yes I knew that boys are used go on the roof of trains too. It's funny 'cause in my country (Italy) people protest if air conditionned doesn't work properly...

  5. Oh yes anu, i read in some magazines about that, it's really a problem, young people looking for this dangerous experiences.. i can't understand them

  6. I heard in these day that windows of all trains in India are barred. Is it true?

  7. Its not just about the over crowdedness OR the population density in mumbai, its the speed, every one wants to take the train and reach their destination on time. Its not to be complained that the Railway system is poor. Its the way things are..Indian Railways is one of the most olden railway systems..

    I love travelling like that once..its a blush of air coming inside your mouth and nose...during winter times your eyes will leave excess tears to cover the excess dryness when you travel in the doors (it will be like water dripping from your eyes..I experienced a few times..)

    And not to forgot that one of the most dangerous thing... I travelled in a bus like that for a few times when I was doing my masters...only 3 buses (from my place to the place where I was doing a course and part-time) from morning 7.45 am unitl 8.30 am. If I miss the bus I will end up missing the theory session of the class. The cost of travel (1995) was Rs. 3.80 (One Indian Rupee = US$28) then. And the concerned places are Thirupanandal (College) and Kumbakonam (amneties, class and part-time employer location). The distance is 23 kilometers, and the travel time is approx an hour.

    The reason for the one hour is the route is not straight. The roads will follow the river routes, they will drive in the banks of the river (with proper bitumen OR Coal Tar roads).

    Call SR


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