Thursday, February 08, 2007

Living for Today

These children and women are sorting bunches of fresh green chick peas, for selling in the train or in the evening market. I took the shot from the train. Seeing me standing with my camera in the train, they were waving out to me, excitedly. So joyous and carefree.
It seemed like they are not worried about tomorrow, and are making the most of today. How many of us live such carefree lives without worrying about tomorrow?

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  1. Hi, Anu. Thanks for stopping by Jakarta DP! Our cities have quite a few similarities :)

  2. I really would like to!
    We would be happier, I'm sure :)

  3. wow, great capture. lovely photo.

  4. Is there anything you guys wanna see in Mumbai? Pls. tell me -people, monuments, shopping in Mumbai, or anything else.

  5. Anu, we need to learn from them....
    I would like to see more food photos and local food markets, farmer markets...Thanks :)


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