Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Our World Tuesday # 16 : Infiniti Mall on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at Infiniti Mall

Christmas is over and the new year has arrived, but I didn't want to wait for a year to share this photo of Christmas celebrations at Infiniti mall on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas tree, the Gingerbread man and house, and Santa Claus on his sleigh with the reindeers at the entrance, were highlights of the decorations. 
As you can see, everyone wanted to take photographs. I clicked this photo from the first floor to get the Christmas tree along with the joyous crowd.


  1. I think it looks so pretty. Malls, in general make me want to run screaming away about 2 minutes after I walk in. At Christmas though they are so pretty.

  2. Very pretty mall. I too still have photos of christmas that have yet to be posted lol.

  3. You took this photo from a great angle to show the crowd's enthusiasm.

  4. I really like the vantage point you chose for the shot. It gives great perspective. And the place looks very busy.

  5. i had visited to Infiniti Mall at last in 2014.... this is a good one and love to see the atmosphere of this mall.... Well happy Christmas to you dear.....

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  6. The children do seem to love the Santas at the mall, pretty tree and a great shot.. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. That's a big tree!


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