Monday, January 05, 2015

Monday Shopping and Markets : Indian Dresses at Nadco Market

Bandra is my favourite place for most of my shopping needs but some select shops in Nacdo Market at Andheri do have a good collection of Indian and western wear. But then why here, if you are in Andheri, just visit Shopper's Stop at Andheri for the local and international brands of the latest in clothing, footwear, accessories like purses and handbags, amd fashion jewellery and make up too.


  1. Absolute touching post for women

  2. I think I have been to this particular market in Bandra! I love Mumbai. :-)

    1. Renuka, this display is at Nadco Market in Andheri. Sorry, maybe I havent stated it very clearly mentioning Nadco, Bandra and Andheri Shopper's Stop at the same time.
      Of course, Bandra is the best for shopping but we do a lot shopping from this market, if not possible to go to Bandra.
      Thanks for your visit.


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