Wednesday, January 07, 2015

ABC Wednesday - 'Z' for 'Zone' : My son's favourite zone 'TIMEZONE'

TIMEZONE at Inorbit Mall in Vashi
Timezone is a popular fun and gaming centre and bowling alley at Inorbit Mall in Vashi and my son's favourite 'ZONE'. They have games to entertain all age groups. Interactive creature and transformer shooting games, car and bike racing video games, air hockey, merry-go-round, 5D theatre, bowling alley, bumper cars and archery too. They also have a party zone for birthday parties within the gaming zone.

Timezone has prepaid cards that we need to fill with an amount and with each swipe at a game, a  charge is deducted. You get points and tickets (that can be converted into points) and then redeemed for gifts at the gift counter.
Timezone has discounts on Tuesdays and seasonal offers for refill, like every Christmas Eve they have offers on amounts above Rs. 1000. If you refill Rs. 1000 and above, you get the double on your Timezone card. I usually refill for the year on Christmas Eve and get my son here 4-5 times a year, usually in the holidays.

 Located on the second floor, it can't be missed by your kids if you are at the Food Court also on the same floor. The bright blinking lights, the excitement and the techno sounds ensure an addictive environment and your little ones and even teenagers wont leave easily.


  1. My son loves Timezone too! I remember he felt very "grown-up"and proud when he held his Timezone card for the first time (he was just a year and a half then! ":D )

  2. There are a couple of places rather similar to this here. Admittedly, it's been years since I've been in one.

  3. I would enjoy the bumper cars and bowling alley. Has me wanting to go the Boardwalk -- an old-fashioned Timezone -- nearby.

  4. We all love TimeZone, don't we? :)

  5. Looks like a fun place, lovely shot.

  6. I wonder if it's around here, in ALB?


  7. Looks like a great place for kids.

  8. There is a whole lot going on in there. Sounds an amazing place for kids.
    Joy - ABC Team


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