Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ABC Wednesday - 'L' for LAUGHTER

I have clicked this set of photos on TV on a show called 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' which was one of the very successful reality shows on Indian television, about a year ago.
The comedian in the photo is Umer Shariff, a Pakistani comedian, stage, film and TV actor, director and producer. Before he began his act each time he came on stage, he began with funny exppressions & faces like this, and we burst out laughing even before he spoke.
My TV picture quality is excellent, but I took the photos too close, so the poor picture quality :-(
They are not very clear with all those lines but that make the photos look even more funny.
This beautiful lady, Parizad Kolah was the host of the show.

Mumbai's local train is Mumbai's lifeline.
Mumbai train travel seems like madness to someone who is new to the city or a visitor in the city of dreams. The Mumbai local trains carry more than 6.1 million commuters on a daily basis. It has the highest passenger density of any urban railway system in the world. Overcrowding is a major problem, especially during peak (office going) hours
To view more photos about Mumbai Local train, click here.
Happy ABC Wednesday.


  1. I have heard of the immense overcrowding on the train but its a neessity for the local population to get to work. like both of your choices for the letter L. Laughter is always good. Its good for the soul.

  2. I also take pictures of the TV screen if I have to. Laughter is a great choice.

    My L pictures are posted here and here. Hope you can drop by, too! Thanks!

  3. Your comic, Umer, doesn't really need to speak!
    Just the way he looks would be enough!

  4. cool choice of 'l' representations! lovely!!

  5. I heard that passengers were sitting on top of the train or hanging from it. Scary!

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Would love to have you join us on Watery Wednesday. It doesn't have to be a lake or beach. You could do something creative with bath water, a glass of water, dish water, tears... I hope you can think of something and join us. Enjoy the rest of the week! :-)

  7. A pretty unique take on the theme. I'll be surprised if I see anymore like this. Very good.

  8. I've seen photos of your local trains before: it does seem like madness!

    I can understand why you would laugh at the comedian's funny faces.

  9. Maybe the actors needed a trip with the overloaded train to get back to earth? Oh, well - we don't even have such a system, but we ought to.

  10. Do you mean to say that it carries daily 6 million people daily? That's almost a third of the population of my country. Good post.
    Thanks for your visit! Yes there are lizards on Lizard Island, like goannas but we didn't see any.

  11. Hahaha... that's terrific to use laughter as the theme for the L. I love laughing, it makes me feel great and to have someone to watch to stir up those emotions is fantastic... I love it when they can make you laugh so hard that you are actually crying! Hehehe....
    Great post! =D
    Thanks for coming by mine... I really do appreciate it!
    Mountain Retreat

  12. Laughter is wonderful and so contagious. The train looks like it's seen better days :0)

  13. I love to laugh and it's so contagious. Hope your day brings you laughter!

  14. A good combination. Laughter is good medicine and humor is probably essential during a commute on that busy train.

  15. 6.1 million passengers daily!!!
    I guess it is standing room only, isn't it?

    Bear((( )))

  16. Too bad you could get the comedian on You Tube but then again I guess we wouldn't be able to understand it. Anything like Bollywood? (which I love)

  17. You have me laughing! That comedian looks a bit like an old Hollywood comedian - Rodney Dangerfield!

  18. i usually love train travel, but the mumbai trains do sound a little like madness!


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