Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunter Theme: Colorful

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Today is Raksha Bandhan, which means the bond wherein the strong will protect the weak from all evil. It is a celebration of a brother and sister inseperable bond of love and trust. The sister ties a 'Rakhi' or 'Raksha' on the brother's wrist. The brother accepts the rakhi and thus takes the responsibility of protecting his sister from all evil. Sisters pray for the longlife, safety and well-being of their brothers. Sweets & gifts are also exchanged.

It is a very colorful festival like most other Indian festivals. I went shopping for my rakhis and gifts yesterday and I saw crowds shopping for sweets, rakhis, bangles, jewelry and also mehndi. It was Independence Day and many people were out shopping for festive discounts offered.

Here are the last year's Rakhi comments. I still don't know how to explain to Shek: What do you have to say?

Shek said...
i have tried time and again and miserably failed to explain fellow americans as to how an unrelated boy and girl can become brother-sister. "Why would they do that?"Help me out here.

Leena said...
I was trying to understand also thisconcept sister-brother :) Are they just friends - "bestis"?I love your colourful decorations and clothes as well.

magiceye said...
lovely bright colors - signifying the joy the festival brings!

Tara's Talk said...
Very lovely colors! Interesting photo for me;) Thanks for sharing it!
Anu said...
Shek, I'm not sure if I can answer that, but I'll make sure I'm askin lots of people, including family this time, and I'll be back with the feedbacks soon.


  1. Lots of colors in the festival. I love those sweet candies my Indian neighbor has during festivals :)
    I wonder is that why, they have been out since this morning....

  2. Love this huge range of bright colours! Very festive!

  3. so colorful! the sweets look delicious! such an interesting festival, including the reason behind it! :)

    many thanks for visiting, and have a happy weekend

  4. check out my post for the meaning of rakshabandhan here . it basically is a bonding time for brothers and sisters - an opportunity to catch up with each other, a reason to get together. it is an expression of sibling love.

  5. How interesting. Thank you for sharing its history...I learned something from you and I appreciate it very much.

    My colorful is posted...stop by if you can find time.

    Happy Hunting!

  6. Oh I love that friendship band! I really love India's culture!

    Here are my PH posts for this week:
    Le Kulitszie Familie and Shutter Happy Moments. It would be so wonderful if you can pass by, too! Thanks in advance!

  7. Your photos are very colorful and I really enjoyed them. :)

  8. lol at the brother-sister relationship explained. i highly doubt u will succeed in explaining that to the person who asked u. :) it's more of an asian thing, in my humble opinion. :) that said, i love the Indian sweets!! :)

    mine :

  9. Great choice for the theme colorful indeed. Mine is ready too.

  10. I think it's a beautiful festival, and I like the concept of love and trust. Wonderfully bright colours.

  11. Those are beautiful and colorful shots and very interesting to learn about the festival.

  12. Thanks for coming by and inviting me to come see your festival. I like the concept and your photos are truly colorful! Good Post!

  13. WOW. I love the colorful bracelet. Great shots!

    I also did Photo Hunt. Come share your link! :)

  14. Very colorful....and sounds like a lovely tradition. :) Have a great weekend!

  15. Some of the comments are confusing me. Is it the bond of brother-sister siblings? or of unrelated persons in a close friendship like siblings?

    I took my PhotoHunt--Colorful from my visit to India eight years ago. I found your country to be colorful in many ways.

  16. Katney, it's a bond of siblings and also unrelated persons in a close friendship like siblings.
    I will explain to you as I see it. Even today my neighbour tells her daughter to call my son 'bhaiya' which means brother. In many sections of Indian society, friendship between boy and girl is still unacceptable.
    But the boy can be your rakhi brother if you are good friends and also to prove that he is not your boyfriend.
    It is a popular joke here: "Be careful and wary of any girl who has a colorful and shining object in her hand on Raksha Bandhan. The object could be a rakhi.
    If she approaches you and ties it on your hand and makes you 'Bhaiya', you will have no chance left of wooing her or making her your girlfriend." Girls use it as a way of showing disinterest in a boy.
    Also, in the past Rajput queens used to pray and tie a 'Rakhi' or 'Raksha' to their husbands before they left for war, for their protection.
    I hope your doubts are clear now.

  17. First of all, thanks a lot for your visit and commment. I appreciate it.

    The pictures you chose to post for Raksha Bandhan are really colorful. Happy Raksha Bandhan (brother-sister day?).

  18. That's a lot of very colorful goods up there! Must have been a very festive even in India.


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