Friday, December 12, 2014

Skywatch Friday 2014 - 2 : Towers of Doom

Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone towers installed on tops of residential buildings can pose a major health hazard for residents living within 300 m range, especially pregnant women and children and those living in the top floors of the building.
The residents show symptoms like memory loss, lack of concentration, headache, mood swings and hormonal imbalance. They also have greater risk of developing cancer. The radiation causes insects, bees, butterflies, sparrows and pigeons in the vicinity to disappear.

Is it ignorance of the consequences, or greed for money that the towers end up getting installed on so many residential buildings?
Is there a 'Tower of Doom' in your area?

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  1. That's bad. Now I'm going to start looking....I live in a big city, so it's possible....

  2. It is possible, but my area tends to be more houses and not much in the way of apartment buildings.

  3. I am an amateur radio operator (a ham) and my special mode of operating is on the microwave bands. These antennas look very familiar to me!

    Most of them (the round ones) are links between distant sites. Those antennas are designed to focus the radio waves so that most of the energy goes to the antenna at the other end. It is not easy to make high power on these frequencies, and if any 'spills out' it is wasted, so the engineers work quite hard to keep the beams tight.

    The tall rectangles are for mobile phones. As these are intended to reach as much area as possible, the beams here are very spread out. But because the beams are spread out, there is very little energy in any given square cm of surface.

    I don't know the rules in other countries, but here in the US the operator must perform an analysis of RF exposure before they can put the radio on the air. Those limits are pretty conservative - tight enough that there aren't too many of these antenna collections on top of residential buildings.

  4. Thanks Buck for sharing the technical side of it. I agree the damage is caused heavily if the radiation is higher than the limits allowed.

    I guess we have to pay a price for technology.


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