Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mumbai Weekend Snapshot by Krrish - 2

My favourite dish is Pav Bhaji.
If mummy makes pav bhaji everyday, I'll be very happy.
The pav bhaji at Juhu beach also tastes very good. It is a must try, atleast once. We ate pav bhaji at this stall last weekend, and I watched this uncle make pav bhaji.
It is mouth-watering and appetizing to watch the 'bhaji' which is a mashed mixture of veggies cooked in butter and spices, being made on this huge 'tava' and then the 'pav' fried in spice and butter. Yummy!

Have a fun-filled yummy weekend!


  1. I tried this in India and it is good!

  2. Yes Bibi, it's very popular and a favourite with kids. Actually, it's Indian mom's favourite way of feeding their kids lots of veggies in a single serving or two.


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