Sunday, December 07, 2014

Mumbai Weekend Snapshot by Krrish - 1

Hi friends, this is my first photo on mumbaidailysnapshot. 
I clicked this one from the auto yesterday, when this boy came asking for some money or food. 

Mom and I usually carry biscuit or wafer packets to give the children who beg on streets, but we never give them any money. We also make sure we open the pack a little so that they cannot resell it. 

These children have a tough life, and buy 'Gutkha' - (Wikipedia meaning - a sweetened mixture of chewing tobacco, betel nut and palm nut) for Rs. 1 or 2 instead of food. Mom has even seen a little boy go to a cigarette and pan shop, and exchange the Rs.2 biscuit pack for a Rs. 1 'Gutkha' pack. So opening the pack is important so that we are sure we gave snacks and not gutkha.

I feel very bad for them and want to do something for these children. When I see them, I feel blessed to have such a nice home, family and school. 

I hope you like my post. Please come back on next Sunday to see my Mumbai Weekend Snapshot.


  1. Very touching post. Good idea to open the pack; at least they will eat something rather than sell the whole pack.

  2. yes, a very touching everyday sight.
    It is also a good idea to feed them vada pav and chai or whatever they ask at the snacks stall if we are at the railway station.


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