Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ABC Wednesday - 'Q' for QUEUE

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This is the queue for railway tickets and monthly & quarterly passes at Vashi railway station in Navi Mumbai. The queues are usually within the station premises, except for rush hours and weekends when they extend outside the station.

The mall you can see in the backgound is Raghuleela Mall.


  1. I remember standing in one such queue at the Thane station for close to 3 hours. It was that fateful day that I had decided... I can visit Mumbai like a tourist... but can NEVER live there.

  2. I did very little visiting yesterday, felt lousy. The mess on the Linky was the last straw.
    Queue is such an obvious choice I bet few used it. Perhaps that is why the Linky page went silly - it was queueing badly.

  3. queuing is such an integral part of life in mumbai..

  4. i too thought of queues first .. but cud not find a good pic ... this is apt !!

  5. I am QUITE late this week visiting your blog.
    I was feeling QUEASY yesterday.

    Bear((( )))

  6. To think of it..just in mid-80 this place where vashi railway station stands was mere grass..and my fmly used to sit there and watch construction v can c 4 ourselves the change..Mumbai's progress is indeed admirable.

  7. Queues are a real test of patience....specially if its one of those that don't move easily......g8 post.


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