Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dilkhush Special School

Dilkhush Special school is a school for children with a mental handicap.They have around 100 children from 6-18 years of age and with varying degrees of Mental Handicap yet within the mild and moderate range though they have a few who are also severely handicapped.

Every child is treated as an individual and taught at his/her own pace though in a class situation. In academics they put a lot of emphasis on Functional Academics- studies related to life, and also do a lot to teach the students socially acceptable behaviour.

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  1. Your blog reminded me of a special visit i once did to one such special school. I was called to educate them about dental hygiene. Initially i was a little worried about how i should go about teaching them but i was really surprised to see their coorporation and their level of understanding....challenging yes but definately not impossible. So they may not be as lucky as us but sometimes i find them a lot more well behaved than our own children. I wish i could do more for such organisations.


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