Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Snapshot:

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Infiniti Mall in Andheri is a popular hangout among youth, kids and elders alike.
My favourite mall is Inorbit in Malad, but I  visited this mall on Saturday with mom, and my li'l boy to purchase groceries from the Food Bazar store here.

They manage to attract crowds all the time, by hosting different events. Here they are  having a kinda football competition. I mean one will defend the goal and the  other will try to make a goal. I  couldn't find out much as my li'l boy was fast asleep in my arm soon after we finished our shopping in Food Bazar.


  1. we have lots of malls here too.. little J would always, I mean always ask us to go on weekends, its as if she know that its friday already.. as if she knows how to read a calendar.. see her pictures here

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  2. Looks like a mall with lots of cool events happening there :P Indoor football competition? Sounds interesting!! Football in air-conditioned place!! Weee!!!

  3. Beautiful, detailed pic of a crowd! Great perspective!

  4. Looks like a busy mall. Good shot.

  5. In Kuching ..every weekend (Sat/Sun) all shoping mall is having a great discount sale.
    Looks like you have a busy malls too.
    Have a nice weekend.


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