Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Photohunters Theme: VIEW

View from Kate's Point

Kate's point in Mahabaleshwar (the nearest hill station to Mumbai) is named after Kate, the daughter of Sir John Malcolm, the founder of Mahabaleshwar during the British Raj. It is a huge rock which stands 50 m high.

 Echo point is close to Kate's Point. Kate's point offers a breathtaking view of the Krishna valley. From the southern side, it looks like an elephant's head.


  1. one surely gets a fantastic view from kates point! good choice!

  2. Great view, looks like a wonderful place!

  3. I can imagine that the views there would be terrific. I like how that lone tree is hanging on to the rock.

  4. That's a magnificent view. Great shot!

  5. That is quite spectacular. Ideal choice.

  6. Very dramatic. Has it been deafforested? I wonder whether there is much solil erosion. Gullies like that in Australia are often the result of erosion.


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