Monday, September 15, 2008

Monochrome Monday #2

This  photo is taken from the Juinagar station foot over bridge.
This tree is also seen in my last Skywatch Friday photo.


  1. that's a lovely photograph. :) i especially like that lone bird on the tree.

  2. Now that works, doesn't it. very good.
    Glad to see you here,Anu.

  3. Ah... great shot and yes... that bird up in the branches is the icing on the cake! Perfect!!
    Mountain Retreat

  4. That is quite effective! Almost like the logo - well done!

  5. That's great. I love bare trees and I also thought it looked a lot like the logo for monochrome monday. Carver's Photoblog

  6. The lack of color brings the bird to the forefront. Nice post.


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