Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rain Again!


  1. Anu here is a start for a watermark, ask more questions if you need more help. TOG is my watermark and signature. About 15 years I drew the little man to use as a signature for a garden column in the local newspaper. Strangely people were able to recognize that TOG looked like me. The TOG was on a white background and fine for the newspaper, but not for the Internet. I used Photoshop to make it a gif instead of a jpg. The gif allows transparency. Thus I have a TOG with no background.
    When you are editing your picture, this is the time to add a watermark. When you add a gif layer to you picture you will get a jpg ready to use in your blog. I also use a colored TOG that is a jpg. Both types can be rotated scaled and sheared.

  2. If you want to do a copyright watermark an easier way is keep the original image separate & just open a copy in paint & add a test box with whatever you want as your water mrk in a corner like "(c) Anu"

  3. nice blog and good pictures!
    who owns it?
    keep it up!


  4. I wish we would get rain here, my poor grass is going brown, I would water it but our town raised our water bill twice as much as we usually pay.


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