Tuesday, August 26, 2008

After School

Seeing these kids returning home from school reminded me of my school days.
I and my sister would look forward to eating ragda pattice outside school, at a hawker's cart. The 2 rupees mom gave us everyday was meant for snacks from the school canteen, but we used to eat out of one rupee in the canteen, and then eat imli(tamarind) and ragda pattice after school. This was our big secret that we would never tell mom.
What does 'After School' remind you of? Did you head home straight after school?


  1. Cricket for me :D and gola on the roads

  2. i always went home after school - my parents used to pick me up from school, so i had no choice!

  3. When I walked home from school sometimes we would stop for french fries and a coke on our way home. The ragda pattice sounds much more healthful than the fries.wc


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