Thursday, July 31, 2008

International Infotech Park & Vashi Station

Due to the rains, most of the harbor line and central railway line were running late, and passengers were stranded on many stations. Outside Vashi station (which is housed in the International Infotech Park building), there wasn't much chaos because by evening, it stopped raining.


  1. Hello ! C'est ma première visite. Il y en aura d'autres !

    La pluie, la pluie ! Cela semble vous attrister, de même que le manque de ciel bleu. Dans mon pays (Bretagne, France, il y a souvent du soleil et du ciel bleu). Viendrez-vous le visiter ?

  2. Vashi Station too good...

  3. You have rains and we need them here in Brookville where I live. Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate it a lot.

    I like your photos of the Infotech Park and the bottom picture doesn't seem to be raining so much.

  4. Good one. Thanks for sharing!


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