Saturday, March 22, 2008

Train Ads

Advertisements on Mumbai Local trains have become very common nowadays.

Ads like this one 'A TV soap about shaadi- marriage, sasural - home after marriage, usually a joint family, sasumaa -mom in law' are best advertised on Ladies compartments, and increase the TRP of TV soaps. As soon as women passengers see a train like this, they begin to discuss the storyline and lo --the soap is soon popular.

This one 'Mera Sasural' is on all the compartments of the train.


  1. You have ladies-only compartments ?! Good idea.
    And in Switzerland some trains have a "Silence" compartment with no talking, cell phones, or radios.
    Shalom from Jerusalem.

  2. Adds on trains? On the outside?
    Well, guess it's a way to make more money for railway companies ...

    Ladies compartments also? But why?

  3. Nice pictures!
    And also «Minimum IQ» train compartments? ;)
    I wonder whether Mr. Fries will get some kind of tic, like Chaplin in «Modern Times»... ;))
    Have a great week!

  4. Now that's mean.
    Most Mumbai middle class women, whether working or not are regular viewers of evening TV soaps. Of course there are exceptions, and Mumbai has many women who are modern, go-getters in their respective fields and find watching soaps a dumb idea. I know of men who watch 'Saas-Bahu'soaps (mom in law and daughter in law storyline soaps) regularly and wouldn't miss a single episode.


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