Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hutch PCO's IN BEST Buses

BEST bus customers in Mumbai can now make calls to any destination in India while travelling.
BEST is into a partnership with the telecom service provider Hutch, with plans to install its PCO's in more than 1,700 buses. The Hutch PCO is a GSM-based phone, for commuters to make local, STD and ISD calls using one rupee coins.The PCO"S and Hutch drop boxes (for cheque payment of Hutch phone bills) are installed behind the driver's seat. More than 100 buses have already been fitted with the PCO's.

Local calls are charged at Re.1 for 20 seconds, STD calls at Re.1 for 20 seconds and ISD calls at Re.1 for 6 seconds.
Passengers have welcomed and appreciated the initiative taken by BEST, and look at it as modernization of travel in BEST buses.
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  1. A pinky telephone...what a cute one! ;o)

  2. thats neat!!! way to go!!! Are the rates similar to what Hutch-Orange offers on their cell phones or more?

  3. Those colors are vivid and I have not seen them used on photos before.

    I don't think you can make a phone call from a bus in this country unless you have a "cell" phone of your own.

    It is interesting, to me, that they use this kind of phone service on buses in your country.

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  4. in France the pink telephone with a sexual connotation, it is a
    communication between a person and another who sells her body
    Good colors


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