Thursday, February 01, 2007

Daily Photo Theme Day - What really annoys you in your city

What really annoys me about in my city is that it was never planned in the beginning and such hutments (slums) are emerging in every inch of vacant land in the city. This is because many Indians believe that Mumbai is their 'City of Dreams'. They migrate to the city even without realising that they are coming to one of India's costliest cities. This is the only way they can afford accomodation in the city. Most such hutments have no water supply, no drainage facility and they throw the garbage in open canals and drains. While plans are being discussed to replan Mumbai like Singapore, hundreds arrive daily to this City of Dreams to make a fortune, or atleast a good living. I'm also annoyed with many Mumbaikars because they haven't stopped using non-recyclable polythene bags even after 400 plus deaths on 26th July, 2005. Many blame the authorities for an improper sewage system that caused the deluge. But the common man does not realise that use of such plastic bags, and then disposing them in drains instead of garbage cans is what really clogs the drainage system of the city. I want to ask Mumbaikars-Do we have to lose someone dear to us to the monsoon floods to realise this and mend our ways? Are our fellow Mumbaikars not dear to us? 52 Daily Photo sites are participating in the 1st December theme, "What really annoys you about my city", please use the links to below to visit them. Due to time zone differences and other factors, the theme photo may not be displayed until later if you are viewing early in the day. 1 (Porto (Portugal) ) -2 (Stayton, OR (USA) ) -3 (Albuquerque, NM (USA) ) -4 (Tenerife (Spain) ) -5 (Greenville, SC (USA) ) -6 (Dubai (U.A.E.) ) -7 (Evry (France) ) -8 (Jakarta (Indonesia) ) -9 (London (UK) ) -10 (Sequim, WA (USA) ) -11 (Buenos Aires, (Argentina) ) -12 (Seattle, WA (USA) ) -13 (Minneapolis, MN (USA) ) -14 (Stavanger (Norway) ) -15 (Joplin , MO (USA) ) -16 (Nelson, New Zealand ) -17 (Milano, Italy ) -18 (Singapore (KeropokMan) ) -19 (La Antigua Guatemala (Guatemala) ) -20 (Nottingham UK ) -21 (Singapore by Zannnie (Singapore) ) -22 (Budapest (Hungary) ) -23 (Not Strictly Seattle, ) -24 (Bandung (Indonesia) ) -25 (Vantaa (Finland) ) -26 (Hyde (UK) ) -27 (Madrid by Dsole (Spain) ) -28 (Oulu (Finland) ) -29 (Saarbr?cken (Germany) ) -30 (St. Paul [Carol] ) -31 (Sydney (Australia) ) -32 (Tokyo (Japan) ) -33 (Kyoto (Japan) ) -34 (Trujillo (Peru) ) -35 (Shanghai (China) ) -36 (Rotterdam (NL) ) -37 (Chicago, IL (USA) ) -38 (Nice, (France) ) -39 (Naples, Florida (USA) ) -40 (Hong Kong ) -41 (Santa Clara, CA (USA) ) -42 (Quito, Ecuador (South America) ) -43 (Cottage Grove, MN (USA) ) -44 (Paris, (France) ) -45 (Manila (Philippines) ) -46 (Brussels (Belgium) ) -47 (Auckland (New Zealand) ) -48 (Newcastle upon Tyne(England) ) -49 (Houston, TX (USA) ) -50 (Sydney by Nathalie (Australia) ) -51 (Mumbai (India) ) -52 (Anderson, SC (USA)) - Posted by Picasa


  1. Oh, this is terrible and sad as well.
    Nice shot by the way!

  2. Yes, very sad because if the city is planned now, all these slums will be demolished. And I wonder if all these slum dwellers will be able to afford accomodation in the city. I hope they are rehabilitated by the authorities.

  3. I visit Mumbai almost every year. Its so bizzare... there is this flyover being constructed on the highway just where the airport road meets the highway. That flyover is being constructed for almost 2-3 years now. In the meanwhile slums & hutments have mushroomed under the 'work-in-progress' flyover already. Before we know it, they'll be legalised too.

  4. I am still making my way through the Theme Days posts and found yours, with the history, to be very powerful. I hope the right people are reading your blog. What a tragedy...

  5. Thanks. I wish I could influence atleast a few Mumbaiites to take their environment seriously.


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