Friday, February 02, 2007

Fresh Juice At The Station

Mumbai Local Train Week continues.... I took this photo at Dadar railway station. The juice centre has a wide variety of fresh juices to choose from. Carrot juice and sweet lime juice are very popular. The hot selling one is fresh lime juice priced at Rs. 3 only and is a treat in summers. There's watermelon & pineapple juices, rose milk & kokam sharbat, and grape & mango juices are available seasonally. The juice centres are at most Western railway stations and serve safe to drink, unadulterated fresh juice. So the next time you visit Dadar station or change trains here, grab two glasses of cold fresh lime juice and beat the heat.

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  1. Same thing in Istanbul, I like the strawberry and orange mix most :)

  2. Strawberry and orange mix sounds yummy, I'll surely try it.


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