Thursday, February 26, 2015

Trip to Elephanta Island #7 : The Way Up - Shopping, Adventure & Surprises

Before the steps that lead up to the caves, there are a few stalls having some exquisite pieces of jewellery, art, souvenirs and some also have memory cards, camera batteries and stuff that tourists might need. 
I simply loved these necklaces.

While you are shopping or looking around, Beware!!!
You're being watched.
By notorious nasty hungry monkeys. They are looking for food and could grab your handbag if they suspect or see some food in it.

And by goats and cows too.
Who want a bite of your freshly roasted sweet corn, and will walk behind you till you finish it and throw the cob away.

This hungry goat wanted the corn, and was chasing the lady all the way up. She finally turned around and tried to shoo it away.

The climb up may be tiring for some, and you may want to stop and sit for a while on the rocky walls of the steps. Another option is the ride up on the 'palkhi' for a few hundred rupees - the blue seat you can see here. Once you are seated, it is carried by 4 men and within minutes, you are at the top. We saw a few senior citizens being carried on the palkhi very comfortably.

Blue tarpaulin sheets cover the whole place to protect you from the scorching sun, and get you into the mood of shopping.
There are interesting stalls on both sides and you can buy if you wish on your way up, or leave it for later.

You can also grab a cold drink or a freshly prepared vadapav from one of the stalls on the side, if you are planning lunch after visiting the caves.

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