Thursday, December 04, 2014

Simply Mumbai - 1 : Seasonal Fruit - Guava

Winter brings these delicious guavas to Mumbai markets. Guava is locally known as 'peru' and comes in the white and pink flesh types. The skin, seeds and flesh are all edible. An excellent source of vitamin C, guavas are great for the skin. This pink variety tastes the same as the white one, but looks prettier and more tempting, especially when cut in this ziz-zag manner.

You will see many fruit vendors selling them in fruit baskets by the roadside, in Mumbai.


  1. I love guava. I saw them many times in India, since three of my four trips there were in the winter.

  2. William
    You should try one. India exports them to many places.
    Guava is a tropical fruit not just grown in India, but also native in Florida , Hawaii, also Mexico and South America.

  3. Bibi
    I think visit to India is best in winter as you can escape the humidity and heat in most cities.
    Winter shopping, tourism and eating out is lots of fun here.

  4. Very seasonal Click :)

  5. I remember of delicious guava juice when I was in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) ...


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