Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My World #10

Sugarcane juice is a popular thirst quencher in Mumbai. The sugarcane sticks pass through the huge stainless-steel crusher as it squeezes out the fresh drink. Some ginger and lemon juice is often added to the juice to make it easily digestible. You can opt for juice without ice, or the ginger and lemon juice added. Served immediately, it is instantly gulped down by tourists, office goers and residents alike. Most office-goers love to have a glass of sugarcane juice in the afternoons, during lunch time.


  1. hmmm.... its too cold in indore for sugarcane juice...

    lovely pic !!

  2. what is the cost for this drink?

  3. ... and only Rs.10/- I can feel it going down my throat.. yummmm!


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