Saturday, November 29, 2008

Skywatch Friday #18

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. Mumbai needs them like never before. The seige is over, but has left the city dark and gloomy. Mumbai police and NSG commandos lashed back on terrorism and proved once again that India stands strong and united.

The incident has hit hard a few political leaders on the face, who have been trying to spread unrest in the city over trivial matters such as language. It is proved that we are one nation irrespective of colour, caste, language, region or religion.

This is the evening sky on Thursday last week seen from Sanpada in Navi Mumbai. The silhouette you see is of the newly constructed buildings on Palm Beach road in Navi Mumbai.

The dark clouds in the sky reflects the dark mood of Mumbai over the last couple of days. There is fear and unrest in the hearts of Mumbaikars, and we are trying to get out of the shock and get back to normal life.
Here is another view of the same place, taken from the 9th floor of Millennium Towers at Sanpada, about 45 minutes before the first one.

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  1. Your header is very recognisable for all the wrong reasons.
    You are obviously safe and I hope all your family are ok. It has been a terrible ordeal for you.
    I hope by the time 'T' comes up. you will have better news.
    Take care.

  2. Thanks for your stalwart opposition to these terrorists. My prayers are with the suvivors and the families of the victims. I also pray that the civilized countries of the world can band together to eliminate these terrorists and their leaders. I appreciate the unity of India in the face of this attack and the bravery and heroicism of the Indian people in opposing these barbarians.

  3. I'm glad to hear that the siege is over and that you and your family are safe. But my heart bleeds for all those who were killed and injured, and for their loved ones. I hope that your politicians can get beyond their self-serving interests and truly work and serve their citizens. It's horrible to hear about small-mindedness among our so-called 'leaders.' My prayers are with you all as you try to recover and rebuild.

  4. lovely capture of mumbai skyline...

  5. You and the citizens of Mumbai are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep safe.

    Regina In Pictures

  6. This is a very poignant post and photographs. My heart and thoughts are with those affected by the terrible assault.


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