Saturday, November 08, 2008

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Punjabi Samosas (a North Indian snack) and Batata Vadas (of Mumbai, Maharashtra) are popular snacks in Mumbai city. Wherever you go, you are sure to see a snack stall,  or a corner in a sweet shop for selling samosas and vadas.
Seeing samosas and vadas together in every stall reminded me of the recent differences and disputes in the city about Hindi and Marathi. When samosas and vadas are still together and relished by all Mumbaikars alike, why can't the North Indian (who is born in Mumbai or has migrated to Mumbai) and the local Marathi Mumbaikar (popularly known as Marathi Manoos) live in peace? Or for that matter, even people from other cultural backgrounds.

As I see it, till a few years ago, the fight was about religion - Hindus & Muslims. Today it is over language. Soon, it will be over higher caste and lower caste. And then between man and woman. It is never ending OR it can end right now.
Wake up, fellow Mumbaikars before it's too late. The politicians are cashing on voter's emotions. After 60 years of Independent India,  our political leaders are using the 'Divide & Rule' policy against their voters-YOU.
The common man of Mumbai does not have any trouble with his North Indian or his Marathi speaking colleague or neighbour. Mumbaikars of all communities and religions join in to celebrate each other's festivals, and help in times of trouble. No one is looking forward to being dictated by rulers, in the name of religion and language.
My Vegetable Vendor (Bhaji wali) likes me asking her the price of vegetables in Marathi( we learnt it in school), and sometimes promptly replies in Hindi or even English, as if to indicate that she knows more than the Marathi language. We Mumbaikars love each other and co-exist peacefully in the city.



  1. I do hope so, Anu. This is very disturbing news to me. I loath politicians, the recent US election might bring change but will it be an improvement ? I doubt it.

  2. Very thought provoking and interesting post. It is so important that all people learn to live together.


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