Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Snapshot: Hangout At Juhu Beach

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A gola stall at Juhu beach.
Gola is 'ice slush' on a wooden gola stick.
The gola wala pushes the gola stick into the crushed ice ball, pours the syrup generously, with a dash of lime, and sprinkles some masala. All you have to do is slurr..rp it. The most popular flavour is 'Kala Khatta'. They also have icecream and faloodas.

It's fun when you slurrp the gola and the syrup is over, then you tell the gola-wala to add some syrup with a dash of lime and some masala. Then you slurrp again. Now the ice gola is finished, but syrup remains in your glass. Tell him to add some crushed ice to your syrup and treat yourself with a spoon.

You can try it if you are in a naughty mood. I and my friends (in college) used to have two or three rounds of syrup then crushed ice alternately and so on. Have it till you can't have anymore.
The gola-walas usually don't mind as they know you will return to only his stall again for the unlimited treat. Yumm.. my mouth is watering.


  1. I'd love to try one! :) Mine is posted HERE. Happy WS!~

  2. Sounds and looks like a fun, delicious drink.

  3. Reminds of my school days when we used to play a Game which goes like this - "Color color.. what color ??"

  4. reminds me of my school days, too. :)
    love the colors on the shot.

    happy WS, and thanks for the visit! :)

  5. i had one tonight. blue and yellow. the most delicious dessert on a hot mumbai evening. i think i even went to that exact stall. danyavad, india, i love you.


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