Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend Snapshot: Food Bazaar

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This is Food Bazaar store at Infiniti mall which I visited last weekend. We often visit Food Bazaar for groceries, fruits and vegetables. With soaring prices of fruits and vegetables in the city, the store sells them at wholesale prices. Shopping for a week's supply gives a saving of atleast a hundred rupees.

This weekend, there is nothing special to do, except sorting and cleaning the home, as we celebrate Diwali festival next month. All my photos are unsorted, so I spend this Sunday water-marking my photos and sorting them for different memes of the week.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Grocery shopping are also done during our weekends here. Which I actually enjoy more than shopping for any other stuffs :)

    By the way, is Diwali festival the same as Deepavali(Festival of Lights)?

  2. What a vibrant place! Lovely. And the Gandhi quotes above make my day. Thanks, friend.

  3. food bazaar has really picked up and there was news that some retailers (neighbourhood grocers) too shop there!!!

  4. Same thing over high in Singapore. Food prices are rising and we have to shop smart. :)

  5. it's nice to see some pictures from India.

  6. I love to visit food bazars too.And specially the part where they sell health foods....and the store in your picture sure looks very tempting.....wish to visit some day. great picture.


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