Friday, October 17, 2008

Skywatch Friday

This is another evening sky at Juhu Beach just before sunset. The trees looked quite spooky to me. The one on the left seems to put it's arm forward and point out a finger towards the sky ;0)
I'll show you another spooky picture like this next Saturday - for theme 'scary'.


  1. They make a good frame and the pointing finger is very portentous. Neat.

  2. Those trees are rather intimidating, aren't they? That red spot way out there on the horizon... is that a parachute from paragliding?
    A neat photograph...
    Mountain Retreat- Canada

  3. very nice composition..
    nothing spooky about it. to me it looks as if its dancing!!
    state of mind i suppose!!
    great pic!

  4. It does look weird to me too. I like it and the tree pointing though.

  5. The sea in the back ground is what i had noticed and it was much later that my attention was drawn to the trees. I suppose the sea even at dusk always commands its presence silently....and i am always in awe of it. Anu would sure love to get some pictures of the sea if possible. You are lucky to be so near to it.

  6. Yes, the trees have a lot of charcter here. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Michelle - that is a toy parachute with a doll hanging from it, flown in the sky like a kite.
    Sure Nitu I will. Just wait for a few days. My Krrish's Diwali vacation begins on the 22nd of this month. Then, for a few days we mother and son will be wandering in the city and clicking photos.

  8. Cool shot - looks windy! Happy SWF.

  9. Beautiful light and airy image.

  10. Very nice scene for SkyWatch! And, I enjoyed reading about the famous king in the post before this one. Greetings from Iowa, USA.

  11. Very unusual picture. Thanks for sharing. Happy SWF


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