Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Snapshot: Train Travel

This weekend we travel by train to granny's house (my mom's place) which my son calls 'Nani Ghar' and looks forward to meeting his grandparents. I have always been fond of travelling by train, and now my little preschooler does too. Our journey by train is about one and half hour.

Train journey to us means watching people get in and get out of the train and learning names of stations, observing hawkers call out loudly to sell their wares, some shopping and lots of skywatch through the train window. Also, we look forward to the bhel wala selling yummy bhel for Rs.5 a packet.
We both carry our own cameras, mine a Sony Cybershot and his, a toy camera.
As I click photographs, he imitates me and looks for an angle to take his shot
;-) and pretends he got a cool shot.
I make sure we are not travelling during peak hours and having fun.

Have a great weekend and lots of fun.


  1. I think railways should come with a bogie where people can sell vegetables, fruits etc. etc. and people can buy.

  2. Hey, it's all illegal, we all know that. But after years of travelling by second class ladies compartment, it's hard to imagine the compartment without all these vendors.

    I know there's a category of people who hate it and would want to drive the vendors away.

  3. Wide array of bangles she has!! I'll be tempted to get a few if I were there :)

  4. Those are interesting shots to me. You really bring the people you see when you take the train alive for the viewer through your photographs.

  5. These are wonderful shots. What an intriguing place. You are having quite an adventure.


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