Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Charpayee & Fireplace

We spent a while sitting here and exploring around, but didn't really light up a fire. But the charpayees were a very comfortable experience. It reminded me of eating at 'Punjabi Dhabas'.


  1. Fireplace is nice ... guess charpayees are also, but then I should know what they are...

  2. Loved to see the Sherbaug series and the flowers, in particular the Brugmansia (Angel's trumpets).
    Eating at Punjabi Dhabas is an experience... ;)
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I finished my Greek Islands 2006 adventure with a post on Cretan Towns!
    Enjoy your Easter Eggs and have a great long weekend!

  3. Charpayees are hand woven village cots, with a wooden frame. They are usually made of rope or coir, and very popular in dhabas to recreate the village scene.

  4. Hi Anu,

    Thanks for appreciating my blog :-)

    The feeling is mutual. Hope you visit the blog frequently. I will be a regular at your blog as I being a Maharashtrian settled in Delhi, I would love to see Mumbai through your photos. :-)


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