Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chana Wala

Look at the gentleman selling chana in the market.

Actually, he saw me asking the chana seller if I could take a photo of him and his stall. He asked the seller to get up and sat in his place, took some Indian currency from his pocket and posed as the seller. Somehow, when I went back the next day, there was someone else(not very friendly) and I couldn't get a photo of the actual seller.


  1. what a Vain guy :)
    I would like to know what is chana. Is it a spicy, something to smoke...

  2. Chana is roasted chickpeas, popular as a light healthy snack. It is soaked in salted water before roasting, so a nutty and slightly salty taste. Chana is also sold here in different flavours like masala, garlic, and many more. Most people bring back strawberries and chana home.
    The seller also had dry fruits for sale.

  3. Indian markets are an amazing experience, but you'll have to get back there to catch some new lovely pictures... And Chana is a nice snack, though I prefer Pasanda (or Korma) prawns... ;))
    Have a hreat week!

  4. oops....must have forgotten you signed up for Theme day~


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