Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hand-Cart Wallahs (Haath-Gaadi Wallahs)

The Haath-Gaadi wallahs are labourers, sweat on their brow pulling a wheeled hand-cart stacked with heavy goods.
The first sign in the Monthly Theme collage means 'NO HANDCARTS ALLOWED'

I saw this man pulling the hand-cart loaded with onions in the APMC Market at Vashi. There's another labourer pushing the cart from behind.

Even today, a large number of labourers make a daily living by pulling the hand-cart.


  1. I have often heard or read about the "class" system in your country and wondered if this laborer is part of a class? I assume he would be. Still, it is interesting to see how hard some people have to work. And to think about it, to get this man to pull and push this cart must be cheaper than hiring a small truck driver and his truck to do the same work.

    I hope you get to see my bird today.

  2. The onions look quite big, don't they?

  3. Hard work, and dangerous too. This world of ours is just so ridiculously unbalanced...

  4. I remember the participants of the Amazing Race show had to do this to get the clues right?


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