Thursday, September 06, 2007

Apples and Sweet Limes

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. True, no fats and cholesterol and lots of fibre helps keep your heart healthy and maintain healthy blood pressure.
On the other hand, sweet lime juice cures throat infections and helps lose weight too.
I love eating fruits. But my son Krrish still rejects fruits. He can gulp down a 200ml pack of Tropicana mixed fruit juice in a minute but eating fruits is a no-no.
How about you? Do you love eating fruits?


  1. Oh these look so fresh and delicious! I love fruits, apples especially.

    Although...I must confess that I love eating fruits even more when they are drenched in something sweet and chocolatey

  2. What beautiful and perfectly organized fruit (and melons below too)! Here in San Diego I dig around to find the best ones without bruises.

  3. G'day from Australia, Anu,

    Very nice work. I followed your link from OldManLincoln's blog.

    I am an ``adopted'' Mumbaikar. I grew up in Calcutta, was educated in Darjeeling, but had close links to Mumbai for years.

    Some wonderful work here. Tell Krrish is can only have a Tropicana when he's eaten fresh fruit!

    I a father of three - I know how these things work!

    Keep smiling


  4. Nice fruit stand. Do I like eating fruits? Yes, when they look as good as the ones in your photo.

  5. We say the same about apples and yes, I really love this photo

  6. Oh boy! So much fruits! Yes I love love love fruits.

    Right now in my fridge, there's a bunch of seedless grapes and apples.

    I shall be munching them while watching tv tonite!

  7. Yum, yum, yum!!! Those piles of fruits are oh so tempting. When I see them like this or nicely displayed at the farmers' market with their lovely fragrances coming my way, I cannot resist. Right now, i am all about peaches.

  8. Uh my sister lives in Mumbai and she cannot eat the yummy fruit until she cleans it which takes about 30 min. due to the pesticides used over in India.


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