Monday, May 07, 2007

Sanpada Railway Station

Sanpada township(which is on the east side) of the station can be accessed from this subway built under the railway station, within the Sanpada station complex.
One side is for passengers going to the railway platforms up the stairs and also people crossing over from Sanpada(East) to the other side [Sanpada(West)] and the other side, for vehicles to cross over to the other side. The subway descends as you enter it from either side (east or west). The roof of the subway also descends, so it is suitable for light vehicles only. Heavy vehicles enter Sanpada from the entry near Turbhe.

This subway was full of flood waters (neck deep) on the 26th July, 2005, and Sanpada was inaccessible till the next morning.
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  1. An interesting photograph and good narative. A little complex for me, an old man, but I would probably get lost trying to go anywhere.

    I hope you can come and learn about my being able to finally fly.

  2. aaahh 26/7 was a nightmare for us. our apartment was underwater for 2days!

    This station looks good. Well designed. Nobody had anticipated the deluge so ...

  3. quite a complex part of town, hope it doesn't rain like that for a while.Runing for the train up those steps, now that could keep you fit


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