Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fruit Sellers At Sanpada Station

These are fruit sellers at Sanpada station carrying baskets of fresh fruit from Mumbai's wholesale fruit market in Vashi. Sanpada is the nearest station for the wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, and the Agriculture Produce Market in Navi Mumbai.
The wholesale vegetable and fruit markets were shifted from Mumbai to Vashi in early 1996. Many small fruit sellers across the city ( Mumbai and Navi Mumbai) come here and buy large quantities (one to 5 baskets) of seasonal fruit and sell it in local markets or along the roadside in the city for a daily living.
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  1. this is a nice scene! I like this kind of routine photos :)

  2. hallo.. thanks for the comments at Gurgaon DP! I had not really noticed your Mumbai DP Blog till today.. it's cool... happy blogging! and enjoy :).

  3. hope you guys are enjoying alphonso mangoes from the wholesale market??? :D lucky you!!!

    This year the first shipment has arrived in the US and many more are expected...hope they come near my place though!!!

  4. Do they sell the fruit to the train passengers? Through the windows?

  5. Nice photo, anu. It's interesting how they carry the fruits. Most people here would have a small little bag with wheels to carry their purchases.

  6. Yes Amit, just wait to see the alphonso mangoes on MDS. Im going to the wholesale market this weekend. We are enjoying alphonso mangoes and mango milkshakes while the mangoes are here.
    And Isabella, there are other sellers who buy a railway monthly or quarterly pass and sell fruits in the train.

  7. you have a nice blog
    greetings from belgium

  8. hi :)
    I'm revisiting!
    I'm here for the first time I think.
    I like your photos; and the "Shilouette" photo is just perfect! exquisite!
    greets from Poland!

  9. wonderful blog indeed! just returned from a mumbai darshan on your blog! thoroughly enjoyable and informative!
    may i add your link to my blog?

  10. A very interesting scene. Thanks so much for your comment yesterday over at Toruń DP! Check us out today for someting a little different. By the way, I work for a UK educational charity and we are organising a youth conference in Jamaica. We need to recruit youth from Navsari/Gujerat in India. Don't suppose you have any contacts up there?

  11. Your photo is really nice showing the fruit sellers at the railroad station. It brought back memories form 1953 and my time in Japan. And also, thank you for visiting my blog.

  12. I like fruits. Nowadays strawberries are my favorities...


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