Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Toll Naka at Vashi

When you enter Mumbai by road from the Pune or Goa Highway, you have to cross the Vashi Toll Naka at Vashi in Navi Mumbai to go over the Vashi creek bridge and enter Mumbai. The charges are Rs.25 for cars and Rs.53 for buses.
This is the new Toll Naka (which means check-point) and is closer to the Vashi creek bridge than the old one. This was done so that many vehicles that took a shortcut from Vashi Gaon directly to the bridge could not bypass the Toll Naka. This means higher revenue at the Toll Naka.


  1. Hi,

    were exactly is the old toll naka.

    Lot of buses start from there.


  2. Hi,

    Where exactly is the old toll naka?

    Lots of buses have pick up point at this place. Anyone have any idea?



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