Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ABC Wednesday - ' V ' for Variety of Namkeen / Farsan

A huge 'Variety' of these fresh fried snacks popularly called 'Farsan' or 'Namkeen' of different tastes, shapes and flavours are very popular in Mumbai. They could be of Maharashtrian or Gujarati origin or even from North or South India.

Here they are sold loose by weight. One can even taste before buying them.
In many localities, the 'farsan' vendors sell the freshly packed  'farsan' at our doorstep. Our kids eagerly wait every Thursday for their favourite 'namkeen wala uncle' (means- uncle who gets lots of  'namkeen') and are eager to try something new each time. They are popular snacks for the school 'short break'.

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  1. I love the mix of colors. I've never had namkeen, but fried is my favorite kind of food, and it looks tasty!

  2. This farsan corner was spotted and clicked by Krrish, so I have posted it on his name :-)


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