Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ABC Wednesday - 'J' for JUINAGAR

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'J' for JUICE
The Railway Juice Stall at Dadar Railway Station


  1. Hi Anu, I know Mumbai VERY well.

    Really enjoyed the compsition of your second shot.

  2. It looks quite a modern station with all the yellow lights - India is famous for it's railways especially the steam trains ( I expect there are not too many steam trains left - perhaps you are moving to diesel or electric ? )

    Nice pictures ..

  3. This is an interesting post for J. I like the colors and the people shown.

    I have nothing so special but I did post a scene I photographed on Canon Pixels right after color slide film came out in 1954.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Canon Pixels

  4. Between trains or rush hours. juicy post.

  5. Something so familiar and commonplace and not so familiar. Different

  6. One very familiar, one not so. Interesting.

  7. Wow great shots.. The juice looks so refreshing!

    I have two entries this week,you can check it out here and here.

  8. I loved the colorful juice shot. What I love about India is all of its colors.

  9. All your photos are so very interesting and colourful.

    Bear((( )))

  10. Good pictures of the modern railwaystation! And the juicestall is very inviting!

  11. Great shot of the modern railwaystation and the juicestall looks very inviting!

  12. thanks for these pictures. :) never been to your country so i find these fascinating. :)


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