Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ABC Wednesday - 'D' for DADAR

  • If you ask any Mumbaiite, what is 'D' for? Most of them will say D for DADAR.
  • Dadar, the most crowded railway station on the Mumbai suburban railway, is divided into Dadar East and Dadar West by the railway line.
  • Dadar has the only railway station common to both the Central line and the Western line; this makes it a transit point and the most crowded railway station on the Mumbai Suburban Railway.
  • Dadar West market is a very popular shopping destination for residents of central Mumbai.
  • Some of the prominent landmarks of Dadar are Pritam Restaurant & Dhaba, Hindmata Cloth Market; St. Paul the Apostle Church, behind Hindmata Theatre; Guru Nanak Gurudwara, opposite Chitra Cinema; behind Chitra Cinema; Dadar T.T. Circle.
  • The Parsi Colony in Dadar has the famous Five Gardens, actually something like seven to eight gardens separated by roads.
  • Opposite the exit of the Dadar Railway Station is located the newly constructed Swaminarayan Temple .
  • Hindu Colony in Dadar has several major educational institutes clustered together: the Ruia College, the Ruparel College, the Podar College and formerly the King George, but now known as the I.E.S. School, after its operators, the Indian Education Society.


  1. Interesting post, as I've never been there at all. I like how you put your photos in a collage format. I enlarged them and found them full of such detail. You can almost feel the energy of the area. :D

  2. Impressive collage. Thank you for the geography lesson. We need more of those.

  3. I love your D post...your collage is so colourful and I've learnt something about a place I hadn't known of before. Thank you!

  4. Dadar looks like a fascinating place with many interesting things. Great choice for letter D.

  5. Well done on such a fabulous and unique choice for d

  6. Very interesting photos and description of Dadar.

    Bear((( )))

  7. The combine photos are too good.
    Great work...

  8. Very colourful and informative post.
    As a retired man from the RATP (public transportation for Paris, underground, tramway and busses) I do appreciate your post and blog.

  9. Great collage of views to browse as well..

  10. indian markets are always colourful!

  11. tat is a wonderfully colourful collage!

  12. You did a very good job at assembling this bright and colorful market collage for this post!! Was nice to visit you today!!
    Mountain Retreat

  13. Thank you. I love seeing pictures from around the world. Dadar looks intriguing!


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